I think it’s my duty as an artist to do all I can to draw attention to the beauty of nature in the hope of reminding and inspiring us all to love and cherish it…

I used to make abstract paintings designed to sing with colour and joy but in late 2022 there was a dramatic evolution in ambition, an overwhelming urge to focus my painting onto the joy in the experience of nature.

I’ve always wanted paint in its most sensual and voluptuous state…

I’ve always loved to blend and mix colour till it reaches the perfect, creamy consistency and I love precise colour, exact in tone, hue, intensity.

Now I want even more from paint. It has to work with all its power and potential because I want it to perform the greatest possible task.

I want it to stand in for nature; not represent. I want something beyond ordinary observation.

I want paint to stand in for the luscious, sensual, carnal, ecstatic beauty of how it feels to be among the birds and bees, the fruits of the field and tree, in the garden, running over the hill…

It needs to be a joyful, carnival…

Painting is performance, and it needs to be a wonderful, joyful carnival, to thrill and lighten the spirit. Painting needs to celebrate the greatest subject of all…nature.


Born, London 1956. Moved to Chilmark, west Wiltshire aged 12.

Chris has a B.A. Hons in Fine Art from the University of North London.  After this he continued to study as a painter but went on to become a widely admired, innovative fashion photographer, travelling extensively.

In 2003, to deepen his involvement in art, he moved back to quiet, rural Wiltshire to further develop his painting with immediate success.

A love of watercolour manifested in ambitious large-scale paintings that were exhibited widely; the Bettles Gallery, Ringwood, Salisbury Arts Centre, the famous “Colour Rush” show with Ursular Leach and Brian Bishop. In 2010, selected for the Royal Institute of Watercolour Painters annual show at the Mall Galleries. Selections followed for the Royal West of England Academy annual shows, Bristol and chosen to exhibit at the first “Other Art Fair”.

Selected by Samir Ceric for Debut Contemporary; an award-winning art incubator with a professional development platform and contemporary art gallery space in Notting Hill.

Now a passion for oil paint has become an outlet for his love of the abstract beauty of colour and his deeply held love of our natural world in the south west of Wiltshire both combining into a ravishing celebration of the thrillingly intense, sensuality of being alive.

2023 Selected for “Darkness to Hope” At the Atkinson Gallery, Millfield School.

“A themed open exhibition to mark our emergence from the pandemic and to promote the positive influence the creative arts can have on wellbeing.”

Chris Edwick - somewhere over the rainbow...

somewhere over the rainbow…
oil on canvas 75 x 100 cms       

2019 -2022 Chris re-designed and re-built his house with Architect David Gregory to include a purpose made studio.

2018 Selected for Annual Open, Royal West Of England Academy.

summer promise me…
oil on canvas  90 x 130 cm

2017. Selected for the Other Art Fair.

2016.   Selected for Debut Contemporary

An award-winning art incubator with a professional development platform and contemporary art gallery space in Notting Hill.

2008 “Colour Rush” at Salisbury Art Centre with Ursula Leach and Brian Bishop.

2004 Bettles Gallery Ringwood.

2003 Left London. Returned to Wiltshire. Bought a cottage at Tuckingmill, Tisbury. Developed painting in watercolour.

1980 – 2003 Worked as a Fashion Photographer based in London.

Chris developed an entirely new approach to fashion photography. Despising the idea of the “model”as nothing more that a mere clothes horse, Chris cast powerfully creative women to be the central focus of the photographic event, building a fashion story around their very unique character, allowing each subject to freely express their individuality, to create what became known as a “fashion portrait”.